Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tress tresspassed.

Warning: Not for the weak hearted. If you are, request you to kindly skip this post.

Ok, let's get started. I got my hair cut yesterday. By me.

I was at home, was bored to death. So I decided to go ahead and cut my mane. For the record, I have the worst hair on earth - damaged, maimed (for life), (physically) abused. In fact I might even be doing my hair a favour. Keeping this in mind - the chances of my self cotouring leading to a disaster is predictably zilch. So it was. It turned out good enough. If I may say so myself, I think it has accentuated the elements within me, kind of like compliments my personality (persona?) - In short it takes away the attention from all other faults. Don’t believe me? I met my husband's friend at work today. I must have talked to him a maximum of 3 times before in my life. And he said - hey what’s with your hair, looks like a dog has bitten off parts of it.

Over the years I have coloured my hair, straightened it. Few times, while in college, have even ironed it out using normal iron box. Yesterday was just another day in paradise, so as to say.

So here are some tips if you are inspired:

-          Always go to the balcony if you live in an apartment like I do - it gets really messy.

-          First cut some hair in the front. Obvious reason - you have better view of what you are doing.

-          Carry a mirror with you if you are not as lazy and clumsy as me.

-          Just choose some strands of your liking, say a small prayer eg. forgive me thou art in heaven cos one doesn’t know what one is doing. Once you have made your peace, simply chop them curls off. I used a pair of kitchen scissors for lack of finding anything better in my house. I recommend a smaller one.

-          Try to enjoy yourself and don’t be too bothered about the nitty-gritties - it’s just hair after all, it will grow back.

Go cut some hair! ( It's a new phrase - can be used in place of 'break a leg')


  1. You could also add what Mani said :P.
    I like this blog of yours.

  2. ROFL....My God I can't control my laugh after reading dis blog :-D..But dare not I would make an attempt to my hairs :-)

  3. Lolz....U even ironed ur hair with iron box...U r very adventurous vidya...but i liked ur attempt...its looking good n different :):)

  4. Got Guts gal..;)Sooper way of pening it down too..:)

  5. My Comments: NO COMMENTS.!!!
    I LIKE ;-)

  6. I am sure your blog will cause unrest amidst the hair salon owners community. You are robbing them of their daily bread. Their sole reason for existence is your hair and you are DIY.

    Good write up.
    Moral of the story : To get noticed, be creative with one's hair. @ guys : Remove your moustache if you have one...;)))Beyond all.....taking risk with your hair cut is the minimum risk one can take.
    - Srivatsa

  7. Post a picture. Would love to see your new hair-style :)

  8. u should have uploaded the pics:- before n after ;) ,..
    though you looked too young... but I am sure after seeing the pictures.. no one will go for an experiment with their own hair
    hehehe :D :P ..

  9. Hey !! dint know you blogged.. Loved reading through the posts ! Amazing sense of humor and loved the pun in most posts! Will be coming back to read more :)..keep writing! Rui is very very cute...indeed a doll !