Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm going bananas and buns

It's the new year here. Time for some solid introspection. When I look back, I see that I have achieved a lot in terms of body weight. Here are some not so vital stats:

Gained 15 kg in 2 years and more importantly maintained the same for 2 years.

To my credit, I did try losing some quite a few times
1. Joined Gym at work with Kavitha - went for exactly one day (no kidding!)
2. 6 months later when Gym membership expired, joined for aerobics at work again with kavitha.      Attended exactly 2 days.
3. Walked twice around my office with Kavitha for 5 days(?!)
4. Walked 10 times around my apartment - 7 to 8 days
5. Did a crash diet 2 years back and actually lost 5 kg (thanks to my father in law who gave me company as encouragement and followed it to a t - he is 60 plus). But then I gained it and more back soon enough.
6. Joined swimming class and attended - 5 days

This year I intend to carry on with my legacy. Starting from today this is the plan:

                             1.  3 bananas and 3 buns  - 1 each 3 times
                                  Fruits and fruit juice at all other times when hungry

                             2. Weight check and some form of exercise for 30 minutes.

                             3. And ofcourse, I would be attending dance class this year.

I hope and pray that I do it and not end up with doing only weight watch everyday. Looking forward to a new me soon.


  1. :) Vidya.. I will keep a watch what happens this year.
    I am sure you will join us for lunch soon ;)

  2. @Vidya : My fitness friend, I am damn sure..that
    you will attend dance class for not more than 5 days.
    My advice: Just keep checking your weight optimistically.

  3. the post should be renamed as 'I am going Kavitha's ' ;-)

  4. @ Vidya: My dear fitness friend,I am damn sure that you will attend the dance class not more than 5 days ;-) but anyways plz continue to check your wt optimistically, And as always... I can accompany you for that but not for the banana..bun diet and dance class :P

  5. Is this your new year resolution:) As the year started ...can you please tell me did u seriously had 3 bananas and 3 buns from Jan 1st??? Iam sure you must had good meal in sap labs cafeteria for sure:)

  6. Even I have been trying to loose weight from past 1 yr but nothing worked out for me as well :(:(....If this works out for u then even i will go for it :):)

  7. Even i have been trying to loose some wght in past 1 yr but nothing worked out for me as well...i went to gym also regularly...if the bananas n buns works out for you...then even i will go for it :):)

  8. Whether your weight loss program works out or not, your blog should, ok?
    Loved reading your blog.
    You should blog more often and please, do be regular.


  9. Janumaaaa :-) my daughter :-)

    SERIOUSLY, i'm afraid, your buns/bananas might not give all that your body needs.Make sure you eat some vegetables in any form, preferable steamed, with salt, and also include some form of protein like a slice of cheese OR lean meat (not fried) and fish occasionally. Yogurt or skimmed milk (that you love :-) would be good too.

    PERSEVERANCE, that's just what you lack in...

    You should look in the mirror rather than at the weighing scale, and keep a photograph of your beautiful figure of the past by your side,and one stuck to the same mirror you look into. That would be the best encouragement to eat less and work out more.
    Make sure you drag Vyas to the tennis court at least during the week-ends and play as long as possible. You'd start enjoying it more when Ruima joins you...and as the tennis ball starts hitting the sweet spot on the racquet.

    I promise I would give you company and do a crash dieting as we did earlier, when an opportunity comes...soon.

  10. jaaaanu... what u have listed u did last 2 years is something u were doing past 10 years...!!! ehhh!!
    and i still cant beleive u gained 15kg..janu is always the perefct slim beauty!!! so this time b serious!!i would also try to follow ur path as always( and fail )...hehe...good luck!!!