Tuesday, February 22, 2011

KWK - Get real.

I watched Koffee with Karan yesterday with a constant frown on my face adding years to my age (damn)  -  The Anushka and Ranveer charade. Nothing gets as boring as trying hard to be funny and cool. None of it came off well. Just lame. Dude was SO not dude.

Why did I watch it in the first place? - KWK is entertaining for the most part, though season 3 was a bit dismal so far. Change the format, get better writers, do something. For example: most abused question - You wake up one morning and have turned into Rakhee Savant/Mallika Sherawat - how many times. And the reply - go back to sleep. Once - clever, but stop - no more.

Why do women (and men too!) giggle so much in this show? Aiswarya was a national humiliation. Why didn't her hubby take her to a corner and explain (perhaps in the breaks between shoot assuming it is there)  -  Darling,  remember elegance - what you are doing now is not your part in the scheme of things.

Kareena seemed to have learned a lesson or two from this episode and overdid coyness. If you google and watch the different seasons of KWK, you will be shocked at how people have changed, it is quite a talent. Check out Shahid - shy modest guy next door turns to quick-witted nonchalent Mr. uber cool - in my opinion - creepy, bordering multiple personality disorder. Same is the case with Rani Mukherjee.

Whether you are an introvert or a party animal is an inherent character trait, can it really change so much? Ask your stars.

We could have all lived happily without watching the one hour of therapy that Shah Rukh underwent on that couch. It felt more like an extension of My name is Khan (behind the scenes perhaps ? ) - extending an idea beyond human tolerance.  

But the most amusing of them all is Karan Johar's expressions - the intense ones specially (check out all the pics if you don't believe me).

At this moment I recollect an interview with Waheeda Rahman, she was elegant, down to earth and talked without being pretentious - It is possible to say something interesting in a normal way - even for movie actors.


  1. Haha:-) too good vidya..loved it:-)totally agree
    with you.KWK has never been soo boring..

  2. KWK, after the first season, you are so desperate to press the next channel button that you drop the remote....I tell ya....

  3. " Aiswarya was a national humiliation. "
    Totally agree:) Find her so fake.

    Karan Johar's expressions, his laugh, his tone and the way he narrows his eyes ... i have my suspicions ;)